U-Cooler3200 Camper AC
U-Cooler3200 Camper AC
U-Cooler3200 Camper AC
U-Cooler3200 Camper AC
U-Cooler3200 Camper AC U-Cooler3200 Camper AC U-Cooler3200 Camper AC U-Cooler3200 Camper AC

U-Cooler3200 Camper AC

Model : U-Cooler3200
Driven Type : AC 220V
Cooling/Heating Capacity : 3.2KW/3KW
Installation Type : Roof Mounted
Refrigerant : R-22

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RV Camper Air Conditioner


Brief Introduction of King Clima U-Cooler series RV AC Units :

King Clima is specialist in all kinds of RV and special vehicles cooling and heating solutions. Our U-Cooler series are cooling and heating integrated units for RV and special vehicles. The series are AC220V voltage, large cooling capacity and heating capacity, used for summer and winter comfortable driving time or working time!


Brief Introduction of King Clima U-Cooler3200 Camper Air Conditioners Rooftops :

U-Cooler3200 model is rooftop mounted, cooling and heating integrated rv air conditioner and heater units, also can be used for sepcial vehicles that need a cooling or heating systems. Alternating current 220V, 3.2KW cooling and 3KW heating to make your summer and winter time more comfortable!


Features of U-Cooler3200 Camper Roof Air Conditioner : 

  • Cooling and Heating Integrated

3.2KW cooling and 1.5KW heating capacity

  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

R410a refrigerant, eco-friendly and increase cooling efficient.

  • Heat Exchange Rate Increasing

Heat exchanger adopts internal thread tube and hydrophilic aluminum foil, anti-corrosion and increase the heat exchange rate.

  • Better Anti-shock Performance

When in the rugged and shocked environment, it adopts soft design and compressor suction and exhaust pipe adopt shock absorber metal stainless steel flexible hose, special valve connection, increase welding process and increase the cooling efficient.

* Anti-Shock Capacity:  5~200 ~5/2.5 (Hz/g)

* Impact Resistance:  15/11 (g/ms)

  • High Ambient Temperature Resisting

Cooler series rv air conditioners can be working under the conditions of -45℃ to 55℃ ambient temperature. When temp is over 55℃, U-Cooler best rooftop ac for rv can also cooling better.

  • Designed for Condenser Water Device  

Condenser water can drain off from two sides, even when the vehicles are running unsteadily.

  • Special Designed for Dedusting

Because of the RVs or special vehicles are running under the rugged or dusted outside, we designed special device in heat exchange system, which can increase the cooling performance.

  • Reliable and Safe Control Systems

Adopts world-brands electrical components, high and low pressure device to make sure the systems safe and reliable.

  • Special Designed for High Static Pressure

High static pressure design make the ac to have a longger air hose, more quiet, increase the confortable feeling.

  • Easy to Operate and Maintain

Every models of U-Cooler series RV air conditioners are easy to operate and maintain, the spare parts are universal, easy to maintain.

Technical Data







Cooling Capacity


Heating Capacity


Cooling Current


Heating Current


Operating Temperature

-45 ℃ to   55℃



Circulating Air Volume




Opening Size(mm)





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