KingClima 12V Rooftop Camper AC for Romanian Dealer



This case study focuses on a successful collaboration between KingClima, a leading provider of automotive climate control solutions, and a Romanian dealer catering to the rising interest in camping and road trips. The dealer sought an innovative solution to meet the specific needs of their customers, and KingClima's 12V rooftop camper AC proved to be the perfect fit.

Client Background: A prominent dealer

Our client, a prominent dealer based in Romania, has been serving the automotive and recreational vehicle market for over a decade. Recognizing the increasing popularity of camper vans and trailers, they were keen to enhance their product offering with an advanced and energy-efficient rooftop air conditioning system for campers. After thorough market research, the client identified KingClima as a reliable partner known for its cutting-edge climate control solutions.

Client Needs: A reliable rooftop camper AC

The dealer's primary objective was to provide their customers with a reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning solution that could be seamlessly integrated into camper vans and trailers. The specific requirements included:

12V Operation: As campers often rely on auxiliary power sources such as batteries, the client required a 12V system to ensure compatibility and efficient power consumption.

Compact Design: The rooftop AC unit needed to have a compact and lightweight design to minimize the impact on the overall weight and aerodynamics of the camper.

Energy Efficiency: With a focus on sustainability, the client emphasized the importance of an energy-efficient system to prolong battery life during camping trips.

Ease of Installation: The client sought a solution that could be easily installed on various camper models without extensive modifications or complex installation processes.

Solution: KingClima 12V Rooftop Camper AC

KingClima's 12V rooftop camper AC emerged as the ideal solution to meet the client's requirements. Key features that addressed the client's needs included:

12V Operation: The KingClima 12V rooftop camper AC operates seamlessly on a 12V power supply, making it compatible with the camper's electrical system. This ensured that campers could enjoy the benefits of air conditioning without compromising their power source.

Compact Design: The rooftop AC unit boasted a sleek and compact design, optimizing space while maintaining high performance. Its low profile minimized wind resistance, contributing to fuel efficiency during travel.

Energy Efficiency: Equipped with advanced technology, the KingClima unit prioritized energy efficiency. Its intelligent control system adjusted cooling capacity based on ambient conditions, providing optimal comfort while conserving energy and extending battery life.

Ease of Installation: The KingClima 12V rooftop camper AC was designed for easy and straightforward installation. The dealer's technicians found the process intuitive, allowing them to efficiently integrate the system into various camper models without extensive modifications.

Implementation and Results:

After careful evaluation and testing, the KingClima 12V rooftop camper AC was integrated into several camper models offered by the Romanian dealer. The feedback from end-users was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the following benefits:

Enhanced Comfort: Campers appreciated the efficient cooling provided by the rooftop AC unit, enhancing the overall camping experience, especially during hot summer days.

Extended Battery Life: The energy-efficient design of the KingClima unit contributed to prolonged battery life, addressing the client's sustainability goals and meeting the expectations of environmentally conscious customers.

Market Competitiveness: The addition of KingClima's innovative rooftop AC system strengthened the dealer's market position, attracting new customers and setting them apart from competitors.

The collaboration between the Romanian dealer and KingClima in implementing the 12V rooftop camper AC has proven to be a success. By addressing the specific needs of the camper market, the dealer not only enhanced their product offering but also positioned themselves as a leading provider of innovative and efficient solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. 

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