KingClima Roof Mounted Air Conditioner Installation in a French Campervan



This project case study delves into a unique scenario where a customer from France sought to enhance the comfort of their campervan by installing the KingClima roof-mounted air conditioner. The client, Mr. Dubois, an avid camper, aimed to create a more enjoyable and temperature-controlled environment within his mobile home away from home.

Client Background:

Mr. Dubois, a resident of Lyon, France, is passionate about exploring the great outdoors. However, he found that the unpredictable temperatures during camping trips often affected the overall experience. Determined to make his adventures more comfortable, he decided to invest in a reliable and efficient air conditioning solution for his campervan. After careful research, he opted for the KingClima roof-mounted unit due to its compact design and reputation for performance.

Project Overview:

The primary goal of this project was to install the KingClima roof-mounted air conditioner in Mr. Dubois' campervan, addressing the specific challenges associated with maintaining a comfortable temperature in a confined mobile space during various outdoor conditions.

Key Project Objectives:

Temperature Control: To provide effective cooling during warm weather and heating during colder seasons, ensuring a comfortable climate inside the campervan.

Space Optimization: To install a compact and efficient roof-mounted air conditioner that does not compromise the limited interior space of the campervan.

Power Efficiency: To ensure that the air conditioner operates efficiently, utilizing the campervan's power supply without excessive energy consumption.

Project Implementation:

Campervan Assessment: A thorough assessment of Mr. Dubois' campervan was conducted to understand the layout, dimensions, and potential installation challenges. The team took into account the mobile nature of the unit, considering factors like weight, power supply, and travel vibrations.

Product Selection: The KingClima roof-mounted air conditioner was chosen for its compact size, lightweight design, and ability to provide both cooling and heating functionalities. The unit's features were aligned with the specific requirements of a campervan, ensuring optimal performance in a mobile setting.

Customized Installation: The installation process involved adapting the roof-mounted unit to the unique structure of the campervan. Careful consideration was given to the placement of the unit to maximize cooling and heating efficiency while minimizing the impact on aerodynamics.

Power Management: To optimize power consumption, the installation team integrated the air conditioner with the campervan's electrical system, ensuring that it operated seamlessly without overloading the power supply during travel or when parked.

Outcome and Benefits:

Climate Control On-The-Go: The KingClima roof-mounted air conditioner provided Mr. Dubois with the ability to control the climate inside his campervan, making his outdoor adventures more enjoyable regardless of the weather conditions.

Space Optimization: The compact design of the unit allowed for efficient use of the limited interior space in the campervan, enhancing the overall comfort and livability of the mobile living space.

Power-Efficient Operation: The integrated power management system ensured that the air conditioner operated efficiently, drawing power from the campervan's electrical system without causing disruptions or excessive energy consumption.

The successful installation of the KingClima roof-mounted air conditioner in Mr. Dubois' campervan highlights the adaptability of this product to unique and mobile living spaces. This case study underscores the importance of tailoring solutions to the specific requirements of the client, providing a comfortable and climate-controlled environment for their mobile adventures.

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