K-300E All Electric Freezer for Truck - KingClima
K-300E All Electric Freezer for Truck - KingClima

K-300E All Electric Truck Reefer Units

Model: K-300E
Driven Type : All Electric Powered
Cooling Capacity: 3150W at 0℃ and 1750W at -18℃
Application: 12-16m³ truck box
Refrigerant: R404a 1.3~1.4Kg

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All Electric Refrigeration Units


Brief Introduction of K-300E All Electric Freezer for Truck

The zero emission transport refrigeration units are new trend in the world and especially in China, the new-energy vehicles are broadly used for commercial trucks and vans. For the electric refrigerated transport units, our K-300E is a suitable electric refrigeration solution for truck.

It is designed for 12-16m³ truck box and the temperature is from -20℃ to 20℃.And for its cooling capacity, 3150W at 0℃ and 1750W at -18℃. The all electric powered transport refrigeration units have a high voltage DC320V-720V voltage that is directly connecting with truck battery for a best and high efficient cooling performance.

As for the installation, the all electric freezer for truck is very easy to install compared with engine driven truck refrigeration. The compressor and other major components are totally integrated, so it no need to consider “ where the compressor should install” question. The fully electric refrigeration units also make the equipment use convenient and plug and play solution for zero emission reefer truck.

Features of K-300E All Electric Freezer for Truck

★ DC320V 、DC720V
★ Quick Installation, simple maintenance and low maintenance cost
★ DC powered driven
★ Green and Environmental Protection.
★ Full digital control, easy to operate

Optional Standby System for Choice for K-300E Electric Truck Reefer Unit

Customers can choose electric standby system if you need to cooling the cargoes all day long and night. The electric grid for standby system is: AC220V/AC110V/AC240V


Technical Data of K-300E All Electric Freezer for Truck

 Model K-300E
Cooling capacity
Volume of container (m3)
Low Voltage DC12/24V
 Condenser  Parallel flow
Evaporator  copper pipe & Aluminum Foil fin
High Voltage DC320V
 Compressor GEV38
Refrigerant R404a  1.3~1.4Kg
Evaporator Dimension (mm) 850×550×175
 Condenser Dimension (mm) 1360×530×365
Standby Function AC220V 50HZ (Option)


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