K-660S Freezer Unit for Box Truck Electric Standby System - KingClima
K-660S Freezer Unit for Box Truck Electric Standby System - KingClima

K-660S Electric Standby Truck Units

Model: K-660S
Driven Type : Engine Driven and Electric Standby Powered
Cooling Capacity: 6700W/0℃ and 3530W/-20℃
Standby Cooling Capacity: 6120W/0℃ and 3050W/-20℃
Application: 35-45m³ truck box

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Electric Standby Units


Brief Introduction of K-660S Freezer Unit for Box Truck

An external AC powered transport refrigeration units driven by electric standby system will make your temperature controlled delivery more deficient and fast. When the refrigerated trucks are parking on the road and if you have need of the refrigerating, to powered by an electric standby system will be a good choice. The K-660S truck freezer system is designed and come to market for larger truck box with 35~45m³truck box. For the K-660S freezer unit for box truck has 3 evaporator blowers, which will make the cooling capacity up to larger to have a more good cooling efficiency.

Features of K-660S Transport Refrigeration Unit Electric Standby System

● Easy to install, standby system is in the internal of condenser, so it can decrease the wire installation work.
● Save the installation space, small in size, beautiful appearance.
● After thousands times of testing, it has a reliable working performance.
● Vehicle engine or standby system models for choice.
● Decrease fuel consumption and save transportation cost.

Technical Data

Technical Data of K-660S Truck Freezer System Electric Standby System

Models K-660S
Cooling Capacity Road/Standby Temperature Watt Btu

On the Road
0℃ 6700 22860
-20℃ 3530 12040
Electric Standby 0℃ 6120 20880
-20℃ 3050 10410
Airflow Volume 3350m³/h
Temp. range -20℃~+30℃
Refrigerant and volume R404A,4.0kg
Defrost Automatic/Manual hot gas defrost
Control Voltage DC 12V/24V
Compressor Model and Displacement Road QP21/210cc
Condenser(with electrical standby) Dimension 1224*555*278mm
Weight 122kg
Evaporator Dimension 1456*640*505mm
Weight 37kg
Electric Standby Power AC 380V±10%,50Hz,3Phase ; or AC 220V±10%,50Hz,1Phase
Recommend Box Volume 35~45m³
Optional Heating, Remote control functions

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