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KINGCLIMA not only manufacture and sell bus HVAC & transport refrigerated units, we also provide technical support and training service for it. Any customer who purchases over 200 units bus air conditioning system annually from us, you can send out a two-engineers team to come to our factory free to study for 10 days. We'd train them with the basic skills in bus A/C's and other auto A/C's installation and maintenance courses. All the costs during their stay in China would be on our side.












We don't believe the trading of bus Air Conditioner, parking air conditioner and TRUCK refrigeration system is so simple as just sell-and-buy. The vehicle climate control unit is a complex working system; enough spare parts standby is necessary and is very important for the project, so we pay high attention on the after-sales spare parts supply for bus air conditioning & transport refrigeration units. Each order that customer placed with us would be provided a certain percentage of spare parts for the after-sales maintenance usage at our cost price; certainly this depends on the customer's final confirmation. Surely you are always welcomed to deal with our bus AC parts in your local market, we deem it a sound project, because, nowadays the quality of China AC parts is very good and reliable, and the high ratio of cost-performance can assure you to compete with any of the existing brands in your local market.


How I can select correct bus air conditioning system?


It is important to select the proper bus air conditioner to meet your business purpose. Please contact us by e-mail: We will help you to choose correct bus air conditioning system.


Where do I get service?

KingClima dealers have responsibility to provide best service to all of our customers. If you have any problems with service, please contact us. We are committed to your satisfaction. Up to now, KingClima’s bus air conditioner & truck refrigeration units’ suppliers on overseas service network have covered more than 100 countries and regions.


Should I get the maintain service regularly?


Yes, it is very necessary to maintain your bus HVAC & transport refrigeration units regularly for a long lasting and safety usage. Such as compressor, clutch, blow, fan, engine oil and coolant, belt tension as well as other components should be serviced in certain time. KingClima can help your  bus HVAC & truck refrigeration system maintenance freely for 365 days!


How I can select correct truck refrigeration units?


It is important to select the proper truck refrigeration units to meet your business purpose. Please refer the selection guide from the technical information or please contact us by e-mail. We will help you to choose correct transport refrigerated unit.


What sort of information are required to make the right selection of truck refrigeration units?

Selecting a transport refrigeration unit depends on many factors (see below). Users are therefore recommended to read all the chapters in this manual before selecting their refrigeration
unit.All these info should be provided before ordering the unit:
• Interior and exterior length of the body,
• Interior and exterior width of the body,
• Interior and exterior height of the body,
• K factor of the body
• Configuration of the box
Partition (mobile or fixed)
Evaporator position
• Number of door opening
• Ambient temperature,
• Temperature required inside compartments,
• Products to be transported,
• Road operation and / or standby operation,
• Type of use (long distance, local distribution, etc.),
• Other useful information.
For engine driven units*, it is also necessary to provide following information to select
appropriate accessories to drive our units:
• Vehicle battery voltage (12V or 24V),
• Air Conditioning (AC) or not,
• Alternator amperage,
• Type of engine,
• Engine displacement,
• Other useful information.
Our technicians are at your disposal to assist you in selecting a unit which corresponds to your customer’s requirements.



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