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Transport Refrigeration Units Market Service


Truck Refrigeration Units - Target Market Applications

1. Refrigerated Transport perishable food, including:

  •       A. Fruit and vegetable industry

  •       B. Meat products, fresh meat and frozen meat.

  •       C. Quick-frozen food

  •       D. Dairy and bakery industry

  •       E. Seafood market

  •       F. Floral industry

  •       G. Frozen and chilled food, ice cream

2. Medical logistics and transport, medical special vehicle

3. Insulated vehicle, refrigerated truck manufacturer

4. The cold chain transport company

5. Bodies built for transport vehicle


The Characteristic of The Target Market Customers of Truck Refrigeration Units

1. City cold chain distribution (primary)

2. Road cold chain transport

3. Food producing, processing, and transporting manufacturers

4. The retail distribution manufacturers


Bus Air Conditioner Parts Market Service


Bus Air Conditioner Parts - Target Market Applications

1. Mainly used for After-sale service market of bus air conditioner for all of world bus brands

2. As the parts service for world bus manufacturer

3. Bus air conditioner parts distributor in every world corner



Bus Air Conditioner Market Service


1. Key customer for bus manufacturer without bus air conditioner factory. Or need buy High Cost-Effective bus ac from outside.

2. Customize bus air conditioner is available for buses of different national standards



Parking Truck Air Conditioner Market Service


1. Driver need rest in night and want to cut the cost in Long - Distance logistics and transport company

2. Driver want to have a better working environment in off-road vehicle cabin.



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